The Forgotten Ghosts of Carshalton

October 30, 2020People and Places 5 Comments

  Carshalton is now a bustling, busy and large village on the outskirts of London, and with a constant stream of traffic, but it’s not always been that way. When night comes, peace and quiet descends and the ghosts of the past come out and visit. Late at night when darkness has fallen, are you … Read More

Brilliant Boleyn – The Carshalton Legend of Anne Boleyn

October 21, 2020History 4 Comments

Quick Links: The Artist / The Legend  Historians believe that the Anne Boleyn’s Well was never named after the Tudor Queen, but is purely a mis-spelling of an earlier name. However, they are agreed that there’s a possibility she did visit. Every aspect of Anne Boleyn’s life is controversial. Her birth date, her personality, her … Read More