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The Forgotten Ghosts of Carshalton

The Forgotten Ghosts of Carshalton

October 30, 2020

  Carshalton is now a bustling, busy and large village on the outskirts of London, and with a constant stream of traffic, but it’s not always been that way. When night comes, peace and quiet descends and the ghosts of the past come out and visit. Late at night when darkness has fallen, are you … Read More

Brilliant Boleyn – The Artist and the Architects

Brilliant Boleyn – The Artist and the Architects

October 22, 2020

Quick Links: The Artist / The Legend For those of you relatively new to Carshalton, you would never have seen the wooden Sculpture of Tudor Queen, Anne Boleyn at Church Hill.  The empty plinth is where she once stood, and for nearly 50 years this prestigious sculpture has overlooked the site of Anne Boleyn’s Well. … Read More

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