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Got a question? Please contact us. We're always happy to chat.

What is Secret Carshalton?
Secret Carshalton begun during lockdown in June 2020, and is a hobby first and foremost to simply highlight all the good things about where we live. I like the idea of a simple online directory to have everything in one place.

How many views will I get?
Each listing shows views and start date.

How do I add photos, social media and more words?
We can set this up for you, please send us an email and select Directory upgrade.

Why don't I just use Facebook?
The directory keeps all good quality local business listings in one permanent place.

My category isn't here what should I do?
Use the closest match for now, and contact us if you would like a new category added.

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What does the claim this listing icon mean?
This means we have added the business on your behalf to create a better service for our readers. You can tap this button to register and gain ownership of the listing. Then you can edit it as much as you like.

Please back up your content.
Although we back up the website daily, it's recommended that you save a copy elsewhere of the images and text you use on your listing.

How many listings can I have?
As many as you like for different businesses. All controlled from your own admin panel.

Can I update my listing?
Yes, you have total control to edit your listing, for as long as you are a member.

Do I have to be based in Carshalton?
No, as long as you serve Carshalton, that's fine.

Can I let people know I'm in the directory?
Yes, of course. Please share a link to your listing.




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