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What is Secret Carshalton?
Secret Carshalton begun during lockdown in June 2020, and is a hobby first and foremost to simply highlight all the good things about where we live. I like the idea of a simple online directory to have everything in one place. I've kept prices very low so everyone can have a chance to be on here and basically pay towards it existing. I'd be pleased with 25 listings, surprised by 100 and making enough to pay for it by 1000.

How many views will I get?
Please find our latest website and social media stats on this page. Each listing also shows views and start date.

Why don't I just use Facebook?
The directory keeps all good quality local business listings in one permanent place.

My category isn't here what should I do?
Use the closest match for now, and contact us if you would like a new category added.

How do I upgrade to the gold or platinum membership?
Simply add a new listing from the Member Dashboard.

Please back up your content.
Although we back up the website daily, it's recommended that you save a copy elsewhere of the images and text you use on your listing.

How many listings can I have?
As many as you like for different businesses. All controlled from your own admin panel.

Can I update my listing?
Yes, you have total control to edit your listing, for as long as you are a member.

Do I have to be based in Carshalton?
No, as long as you serve Carshalton, that's fine.

Can I let people know I'm in the directory?
Yes, please use the logo below to show you are in the directory.

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What does the social media story involve?
We always need a good reason to feature something on our social media. If you pay for this service we will highlight your listing as a brief advertorial on our social media (max one post on instagram, facebook and twitter). We maintain complete editorial control of the post to protect the editorial integrity of Secret Carshalton – though of course we'll check you're happy too. Most importantly we will find an angle we think our followers will find interesting about you, and take a suitable photo to go with it. This will happen within the first few months of signing up. The fee pays for our time, and for the type of exposure you receive. 

What images can I use, how do I delete them?
Please upload square images, ideally 900 x 900px, as jpegs. You can currently have up to 3 images. To remove images simply untick them and save changes. 

Which is my featured image?
Move the photos around, so that the first image will be your chosen featured image. 

How many words can I have?
You can have about 450 words in total. Enter lots of detail and include lots of keywords that are relevant to the services you are offering. These are the words that visitors would use to search for you, in the 'search' section on the Directory homepage. Use 'add more' button in the listing back end to include up to 3 paragraph breaks. Each paragraph holds a maximum of about 150 words (1000 characters) – so up to about 450 words in total.

Networking opportunities
Registered logged in users can contact other members directly via a contact form that will appear on each listing.

Why is there a charge?
The small monthly or annual fee helps pay towards software, hosting, and technical support.

How do I pay?
Listing fees are processed using Paypal. We use Paypal as they have the ability to provide subscription services, and it means you have total control over your spending. Your payment will show as being to Red Onion Design Ltd.

Are you VAT registered?
No, we are not VAT registered. You can view paperwork in your Member Dashboard

How do I cancel?
Simply cancel your subscription via your Paypal dashboard.

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