These images are from The Imperial War Museum and show the work of Student Nurses at St Helier Hospital in Carshalton in 1943. Using 3D technology Secret Carshalton has given the images a new lease of life…


A full length portrait of Joyce Collier wearing the outdoor uniform of a State Registered Nurse, outside St Helier Hospital, Carshalton.


Student nurse Joyce Collier signs for her keys, given to her by Sister Reed at St Helier Hospital. Each student-nurse had three keys – one for the door of her room, one for her wardrobe and one for her wall safe. According to the original caption, Sister Reed had been Home-Sister at the London Hospital before her retirement. She returned to nursing at the outbreak of war, due to the shortage of nurses.

Sheets, pillows, overalls and curtains are repaired by a team of women sitting at sewing machines in the laundry attached to St Helier Hospital, Carshalton. It is essential that linens are clean and plentiful, as they are in constant use in a hospital.

Student nurse Joyce Collier syringes a boys’ ear in the Out-Patients Department at St Helier Hospital. A great deal of valuable experience is gained by student nurses working in this department.

Non-3D Images and content courtesy of The Imperial War Museum for non-commercial use

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