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As more businesses add their listings, the better it gets for everyone. We'd like to invite local people to become a member of the Secret Carshalton Directory – Dog Walkers, Artists, Decorators, Venues, Clubs, Personal Trainers, Beauticians, Bakers, Electricians, Restaurants, Photographers, Shops, Services, Accountants etc.  Did you know? In list view on a desktop computer you can see the map and listings side by side and watch them dynamically update. 


Interesting local stories and historical fun facts you may not have heard before

Carshalton is an old manor dating back hundreds of years. It's been inhabited by Lords and Ladies throughout the centuries, and we tell some of their stories here. We also point out small historical details around the area which you may not have spotted before. The Secret Carshalton blog allows us to provide extra detail compared to social media, and to keep a record. We add new stories all the time.


Explore the area with our range of local walks in Carshalton and up to 40 minutes drive away

Carshalton is a village in the London Borough of Sutton near to the border of Surrey and London. It's perfectly placed with many areas to easily reach and discover. Most of our walks are in the countryside, and offer a way to get some fresh air and often experience some local history too. We sometimes add details about whether a walk is child friendly or suits wheelchairs etc. If we haven't mentioned it, please just ask in the comments. New walks are added to Secret Carshalton fairly often.


A place to discover What's On in Carshalton and surrounding areas

A simple events page managed by you. Can feature any type of event you like – whether business, charity, pubs, comedy, kids etc. etc.


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