One of my regular wanders takes in The Grotto at Carshalton Park. Did you know Carshalton’s grotto is even older than other better known ones, such as Stourhead, Goldney and Painshill.


🗝 The Grotto was originally constructed around 1724, and designed by the land owner Thomas Scawen. He lived in Stone Court, a building which once stood directly in front of where The Grove mansion now is.


🗝 In 1913 the Grotto passed into public ownership and was almost totally rebuilt. This early 1900s photo shows the original grotto with its flint frontage.


🗝 Only a few of the decorative large flints still survive, set down low – something to see if you can spot next time you’re there. The rest of the flint was gone by 1914 – but of course, the brick structure still remains.

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